Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Future Underwear? The BALLBRA!

photo below was edited to not show penis area. Penis is visible when wearing BALLBRA! :)

The future of underwear?

The Man Daniel Gagne, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2006

The CharityEvery MLT winner spends his one year reign fundraising. Gagne chose to raise money for Teresa Group, which offers comprehensive care to children and families dealing with HIV/AIDS.

The ProductThe Ballbra is a male undergarment innovation – “a futuristic and very high-tech underwear,” reads the package. It promises to lift and support ‘the boys’ better than a trip to the urologist—without asking you to turn you head and cough.

The Test“The first thing that my partner said was, ‘My God, that is sexy,’” says Gagne. And he believes the Ballbra is a stimulating fit. “There is this feeling between loose and tight…there’s a tingling” he says, “It’s more than underwear…It’s pleasure underwear.”

Ballbra PHOTOS:

Toronto Magazine Testing BALLBRA:

"Something new for everyone. Gay or Straight" Reuters news

AmericanInventor top 5 list how to be HOT for men :

What can I say to this! :) Its new, Its Wild, and its someting for everyone! :)

Interesting Idea, and its making news..... write your comments